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Box Office Blues

Tales of woe from a frustrated teenaged theatre minion.

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Hey there folks. If you're reading this, you've either a) been directed here from my pesonal journal, pumpkin_queen16; b) found me through Google-ing things such as "customers" suck; c) wandered over from Facebook or d) are one hell of a random person.

But enough of how you got here, how about what here is?

Basically, I'm an 18-year-old kid trying to scrape some money out of a part-time job. I work at the local movie theatre:

There are some great perks to working in the theatre, such as free movies, discounted food, and awesome coworkers. But there are a ton of downsides too. The main one, as with any job a teen can hold, is customers. Why people think it's fine to condescend teenagers and treat them like dirt escapes me.

I deal with a lot of crap. And in turn, I feel the need to vent about it. For the year that I've worked at Empire Theatres, I've littered my personal journal with work crap. And I feel sorry for the folk on my friends list for having to put up with it. So, I created this separate journal! Also, this one will be PUBLIC, so anyone can read!

Add me if you want, I'll be sure to add you back.
Comment if you want; share your own stories!

I'll probably change names to protect identities.
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